Set the stage for success

Start with a Service-Minded Team

When you partner with UTS, you get a dedicated account manager, audit specialist, invoicing specialist, claims manager, and client relations manager. That’s a long list, for a good reason – to give you a high level of knowledge and support across the entire shipment life cycle.


Planning Your Shipments

  • Procurement events that optimize price and service to your unique shipping profile
  • Delivery requirements for you and your customers
  • Customs and forwarder planning
  • Protocols to manage transportation risks
  • Online product database for accurate freight descriptions
  • Best Value carrier rankings
  • System integration for expanded visibility and process efficiencies


Inbound Shipment Management

  • Assignment to ranked carrier
  • Value-added services for your vendors
  • Violator management / enforcement of routing instructions


Shipment Orders

  • Fast and accurate shipment entry
  • Options for guaranteed delivery and additional insurance coverage
  • Alerts during entry if we see an opportunity to negotiate a volume rate
  • Attach any files to the online shipment record
  • Predictive analytics show each carrier’s on time reliability on your lane


Shipments In Transit

  • Monitor all of your supply chain activity in one place
  • UTS active tracing finds transit issues sooner
  • Detailed shipment status updates
  • Three types of ASNs to share shipment status updates with stakeholders
  • Track updates using our mobile app
  • Notification whenever a carrier adjusts the freight charges


Shipment Delivery

  • Delivery receipts posted online
  • Spreadsheets for both in-process and invoiced activity
  • Online KPIs and shipment activity reports
  • Management of freight claims


Audit and Payment of Freight Charges

  • UTS verifies that every charge is (a) valid, and (b) accurate
  • We fix invalid charges
  • G/L coding of charges
  • Custom coding of charges (by project, plant, customer, etc.)
  • Valid charges consolidated onto a weekly invoice with supporting detail report


Corporate Management, Forecasting, and Budgeting

  • Online dashboards, reports, and detailed spreadsheets of your transportation activity
  • Quarterly meetings to review our performance
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • “What-if” scenarios
  • Consultation and elimination of Weight & Inspection fees
  • Industry news and pricing trends
  • Client-specific forecasting and budgeting
  • Notification of NMFC changes that affect you

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