TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Optimize Operations with UTS as Your Transportation Management System Provider

Better Transportation Management System (TMS) Technology

Our online tools give you a new level of visibility and control over your supply chain management (SCM) costs. People throughout your company can monitor and manage all of your transportation activity using one website. Our tools empower your team by providing access to rates, shipment status information, documentation and data. Everything is kept secure and searchable in one location.

Advanced System Integration Capabilities

System integration is a strategic opportunity for savings. Often integration is seen only as a method of automating communication between companies. But with the right partner, it can be so much more, improving profitability and customer service while reducing interruptions.

Management Features

Consolidated Shipping

UTS consolidation services replace multiple shipments with one multi-stop shipment.

There are many benefits to our consolidated shipping, including:

3PL Freight Software

As a UTS partner, you gain access to our free transportation management system. There are no fees, and our team of professionals handles all the updates and maintenance. Our online tools help you see, measure and analyze every aspect of your transportation activity. This gives you a competitive advantage in that you have more control over your supply chain.

A partnership with UTS makes your transportation data:

Online Shipping Management

Ensure your online shipping rates are accurate. Our TMS makes it easy to compare top carriers and find the one that offers the best value based on your price and service priorities. We also offer additional help services at no extra cost to you.

Use our system to:

Supply Chain Management Analytics

Industry practice is to report missed opportunities after the fact. UTS functions differently. We use predictive analytics to capture opportunities as they arise.

As your partner, we will:

Shipment Visibility

Shipment Visibility

We are proactive in our communication regarding the status of your shipments in transit. Any time a transit milestone does not happen on schedule, we contact the carrier to find out why, which gives us a head start on resolving the issue and alerting you to a potential delay.

With UTS you can:

Supply Chain Management Consulting

As your supply chain partner, we fulfill an advisory role to help you budget, anticipate and plan supply chain outcomes.

Advisory projects include:

UTS Partnership Services

Universal Traffic Service does more of the things you want from a business partner, even beyond shipping and receiving. Allow us to be your outsourced logistics partner. As a 3PL company, our services offer you a full scope of support for your everyday operations across North America.

As your third party logistics transportation management provider, we offer many services including:

Services for Your Department

  • One invoice a week for all transportation activity
  • G/L and custom coding
  • Audit of all freight charges
  • UTS recovers overcharges and invalid fees on your behalf
  • Online tools to track deliveries in real time
  • Empower customers to track deliveries themselves
  • Monitor deliveries with a mobile app, even while you’re on the go
  • Get options for guaranteed delivery service when needed
  • Meet any customer’s delivery requirements with customized fulfillment
  • Receive guidance with mandatory delivery windows such as Walmart's OTIF program
  • Take advantage of live help, available 24/7
  • Get accurate rates—even for density freight
  • Notification when a carrier adjusts the freight charge
  • Comprehensive inbound shipment management
  • You can require a PO number with every shipment
  • Ongoing opportunities for price and service improvements
  • Access shipping rate estimates
  • Track deliveries and get rates with a mobile app when you’re on the go
  • Share delivery status updates with your customers (very popular!)
  • Get options for guaranteed delivery service when it’s needed
  • Customize fulfillment to meet any customer’s delivery requirements
  • Create reliable delivery performance that helps you win new business
  • Get accurate rates—even for density freight
  • Compare rates and service levels across the carrier marketplace
  • Risk management that verifies every carrier has a valid authority, safety rating, and insurance coverage
  • Options for insuring goods beyond carrier liability limits
  • Online access to shipping documents, records, dashboards, and reports
  • Spreadsheets with 40+ fields of data for every shipment, including a full breakdown of charges
  • Consulting services to help with any aspect of your transportation activity
  • Our full-service approach fixes transportation issues causing enterprise-level problems with sales, margins, and customer satisfaction
  • Our services have tangible benefits for people throughout your company—Accounting, Customer Service, Procurement, Sales, and more
  • We equip management with effective tools to plan, measure, and control transportation activity
  • In 30 seconds you can download spreadsheets containing dozens of data points for each shipment, including a full breakdown of charges
  • Our full-service approach delivers long-term value as we support the key goals of your company
  • Gain an independent partner that answers to you and only you

We Verify Every Carrier

We don’t just confirm that every charge is correct.
We confirm that every charge is valid.

Most auditing services omit an important aspect of the auditing responsibility. They do not confirm that the carrier is entitled to payment. We ensure you only pay for the services performed.

UTS audit services confirm both the validity and the accuracy of each charge.

We find exceptions in 22% of the shipments we audit. Billing exceptions include wrong tariffs, wrong discounts, weight & inspections and added accessorials.

Request a TMS Live Demonstration

The best way to experience our technology is with a live demonstration. Let us prove our capabilities in a real-time environment and validate the high level of value we bring as a 3PL company that operates across North America.

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