UTS 3PL Logistics Services Offer You Control Over Your Supply Chain

Choose carriers that offer the best value based on YOUR supply chain priorities

Best Value Carrier
Ranking Methodology

We Track Every Carrier…

We track the performance of every available carrier. Get the most accurate prediction of reliability on every shipment of your goods and services.

… And Focus on YOUR Priorities…

Cost and service level priorities are entirely unique to your business and aid in our search for your perfect carrier match.

… To Deliver the Best Value Carrier

We ensure you get the most value out of your carrier.

Support Your Business Priorities with Every Carrier Selection

Our methodology emphasizes your supply chain priorities. It provides many benefits, including:

Most auditing services omit an important aspect of the auditing responsibility. They do not confirm that the carrier is entitled to payment. We ensure you only pay for the services performed.

Additionally, UTS audit services confirm both the validity and the accuracy of each charge:

We find exceptions in 18% of the shipments we audit. Billing exceptions include wrong tariffs, wrong discounts, weight & inspections and added accessorials.

Get in touch with UTS today and learn how we can apply the best carrier ranking methodology to your business!

Access Our Free Transportation Management System (TMS)

Gain free access to myUTS — our high-end TMS that assists with transportation management and automates many of its processes.

Benefits for Every Department

We provide you with a full-service approach to supply chain management that adds value to every sector of your company.

Accounting & Finance

Customer Service



Shipping & Receiving

Corporate Executives

Business Owners

Make UTS Your Outsourced Logistics Partner

We understand the importance of having full control over your supply chain management (SCM). We offer you a wide range of support for your everyday operations across North America. 

With Universal Traffic Service as your third party logistics provider, you will have access to many services, including:

3PL Logistics Company Consulting Services

We’re more than just a transportation management provider. As a 3PL company, we fulfill an advisory role that helps you budget, anticipate and plan for changes.

Logistics Integration

System integration is a strategic opportunity for savings. We can help maximize your earnings, improve customer service and reduce supply chain interruptions in real time.

Logistics Analysis Capabilities

UTS logistics analysis helps shippers find, prioritize and convert supply chain opportunities so you can improve your fulfillment services.

Logistics improvements include:

Request a TMS Live Demonstration

The best way to experience our technology is with a live demonstration. Let us prove our capabilities in a real-time environment and validate the high level of value we bring as a 3PL company that operates across North America.

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