UTS Supply Chain Management Software Gives Your Company a Competitive Advantage

Universal Traffic Service is the first third party logistics company to build a supply chain management platform that meets all your needs. We lead the 3PL industry with owner enterprise applications and eliminate the compromises commercial systems place on service, performance and value.

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Our independent approach allows us to grow our services, including:

Integrating the best transportation management technologies

Customizing our platforms to each client’s wants and needs

Sharing the benefits of one client’s customization with similar clients

Continuously improving our platforms using agile project management

Your Transportation Management Provider

UTS uses a Transportation Management System (TMS).
It improves your operations by driving down costs and gaining control of your freights in transit. Shippers can use our TMS to automate many transactional processes.

UTS clients gain access to a high-end TMS for free. Here, you can manage thousands of shipments in real time.

Benefits of our
Transportation Management System

System Integration

Our system integration technology allows you to interact directly with our transportation management platforms. With integration, your business participates in the real-time flow of transportation data.

Right now, UTS clients are using system integration to:

E-commerce Integration for Goods and Services

UTS can provide integrated shipping services
for e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The calculations happen behind the scenes, in real time, invisible to the customer.

Fulfillment Services in Your Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Support your sales goals by giving customers a better delivery experience. As a 3PL logistics company, our online tools help you give customers peace of mind, reinforcing your reputation for reliability.

Carrier Payment & Data Management

Turn your current transportation procurement process into a complete solution with financial controls and accurate, accessible data.

Data Management

Optimize and Control Your Cashflow

With UTS by your side, you only pay valid and accurate carrier charges.

Our services offer:

We find exceptions in 22% of the shipments we audit.

Billing exceptions include wrong tariffs, wrong discounts, weight & inspections, and added accessorials.

Carrier Payment

With an outsourced logistics company, you can easily manage transportation costs and shipment activity data

Access to reliable data plays a critical role in managing your transportation costs.

Our shipment activity data allows you to:

Custom Supply Chain Management

Turn to UTS for exactly what you need to take your current supply chain management process from good to great. This includes our transportation management platform and strategic services.



Gain control of our transportation management systems by choosing services you’d like to use to manage your supply chain issues. We will streamline your process, plus our team provides free risk management and customer service help.


UTS notifies you of any necessary and unexpected fees. All charges are consolidated into a weekly invoice.

Transactional Shipment Management

Compare the top carriers and find the one that offers the best value. Our transactional solution is different because it adds value throughout the entire shipment cycle (before, during and after).

Business Intelligence

Customize a KPI dashboard to stay on top of your supply chain performance while powerful reporting tools assist in analysis and insight. Utilize our comprehensive search tools, upload additional files and run custom reports.

Request a TMS Live Demonstration

The best way to experience our technology is with a live demonstration. Let us prove our capabilities in a real-time environment and validate the high level of value we bring as a 3PL company that operates across North America.

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