“This solution has created more than $3 million in value (and counting).”

A comprehensive and intelligent order management platform helps a plastics distributor thrive in a competitive industry. Right from the start, this client was clear that a customized integration solution was crucial to the success of its supply chain management partnership with UTS.

We worked closely with top executives and the client’s Information Systems team to define and implement a solution. Now our system autonomously loads supply chain data into order records as they progress from receipt to delivery. Human data entry is minimal and the solution scales with order flow volatility.

Result: “This solution has created more than $3 million in value (and counting),” the CFO wrote in a testimonial for UTS.

Key deliverables of UTS solution:

  • Embeds rate estimate, shipment entry, and delivery status tools into the client’s order management platform.
  • Uses the order ID number to autofill the shipment record with shipper, consignee, and product information.
  • Writes pricing information, carrier assignment, and shipment status updates to the order record.
  • Minimizes human data entry and scales with order flow volatility.

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