Praise From Clients During COVID-19

Client in the industrial components industry:
“Thanks to everyone and especially Richard for making this [delivery during shutdown] happen. I greatly appreciated the lifeline throughout all of the challenges. It makes a HUGE difference working with a company that has after-hours support!”

Ensuring delivery during a stay-at-home order:
“Thanks Laura, this arrived before noon. Also thanks for the great support during this week. You and UTS did an awesome job.”

Service on a time-critical delivery:
“Thank you for confirming delivery and everything you did on this shipment. Looking at the tracking notes, it’s clear you guys were diligent and worked hard on this one. So thanks again!”

Ensuring delivery ahead of a shut-down order:
“Charlie definitely needs a raise. Thank You so much for your help!!”

Active management to correct a shipper’s entry error:
“Thanks Laura, you’re the greatest. Its already been a crazy week, and I really appreciate the help I get from you all at UTS!”

Service on a time-critical delivery:
“Thank you very much Gerardo! You have literally made my day as well as our customer’s!”

Service on the management of freight claims:
“THANK YOU for all of your help with claims. I have gotten great feedback from my CSRs with how helpful you’ve been in making this process easier for our customers. I truly appreciate it very much! We all do! Thanks again!”

Client in the furniture industry:
“Jennifer and Charlie are the best! Their Customer Service is beyond compare. We never received anything like it previously! Outside the Box questions are always answered.”

Client in the automotive industry
“I always get the best customer service from you.”

Active management of a late LTL delivery
“Thank you again for the follow up. We love working with UTS!”

Service on a ground expedite shipment:
“Thanks everyone for the outstanding support!!”

Active management of a shipment to Mexico:
“Ron – just wanted to say awesome job!”

Active management of BOL correction:
“Rob jumped in to correct the billing immediately. That’s why I like using UTS!!!”

Supplier to a client in the building materials industry:
“I wish all of our customers would let us organize our deliveries through UTS.”

Service on two truckload shipments:
“FYI I appreciate all the hard work you do for us! Your customer service is amazing. It doesn’t go unnoticed! Keep doing what you’re doing girl!!!”

Client in the automotive industry:
“Wanted to let you know how happy I am with Susan and the level of service she provides. She’s been outstanding to work with. She’s probably the best account manager we’ve had.”

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