Oversee Your Claim Reimbursement with UTS Supply Chain Risk Management Tools

Receiving no reimbursement for damaged or lost freight can create significant challenges for your business. When you have damaged or lost freight, it not only leads to financial losses but also disrupts your supply chain and impacts customer satisfaction. Without proper reimbursement, your business bears the burden of replacing or repairing the damaged goods, incurring additional costs and delays. Moreover, the inability to recover losses from lost freight can strain your resources and hinder your ability to meet customer demands on time. It is crucial to partner with reliable carriers and insurance providers who offer comprehensive coverage and a mitigation strategy for these risks to safeguard the success of your business operations. That’s where UTS comes in!

Supply Chain Risk Management Software

No reimbursement for damaged or lost freight causes problems such as:

  • Operations disruptions to remake the product
  • Additional charges to ship the remade product
  • Unhappy customers
  • Potential for lost orders or lost customers
  • Delayed cash flow
  • Margin erosion

UTS offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your current supply chain management process. With UTS, clients gain access to a top-notch Transportation Management System (TMS) at no cost, enabling real-time management of thousands of shipments. As leaders in the 3PL industry, UTS sets itself apart by providing owner enterprise applications that eliminate the compromises imposed by commercial systems on service, performance and value. By leveraging the power and problem solving techniques of the TMS, UTS can reduce supply chain disruption by enabling you to optimize operations, reduce costs and gain control over your freight in transit.

UTS is committed to customer satisfaction and offers free implementation, setup, customization and training. Our team takes care of all TMS maintenance, while also utilizing 3PL providers for licensing, costs, compliance and transportation rates. In addition to our TMS capabilities, we go above and beyond for you, adding value in areas such as disputing invalid carrier charges and claims management—enhancing your overall supply chain management experience.

Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions

We can fix your lost or damaged freight problems with:

  • Comprehensive carrier reliability and service performance metrics
  • Visibility of carrier liability limits
  • Affordable options for additional cargo insurance coverage
  • Free claims management by a subject-matter expert
  • Full visibility of the claims process

UTS offers a range of integrated TMS technologies for managing supply chain operations that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Through system integration technology, businesses can directly interact with UTS’s transportation management platforms, enabling the real-time flow of transportation data. We specialize in providing integrated shipping services for various e-commerce platforms, ensuring seamless and transparent calculations behind the scenes, enhancing the customer’s delivery experience and reinforcing the reputation for reliability.

One of the key features of UTS’s solutions is a comprehensive Carrier Payment & Data Management system, which transforms transportation procurement processes into a complete solution with financial controls and accessible, accurate data. With UTS, businesses can optimize and control their cash flow to ensure they only pay valid and accurate carrier charges. By partnering with an outsourced logistics company like UTS, businesses can easily manage transportation costs and have access to reliable data, which plays a critical role in cost management. UTS’s solutions cover various aspects, including procurement, finance, transactional shipment management and business intelligence, providing comprehensive support for supply chain risk management.

See How UTS Can Help Resolve Your Damaged or Lost Freight Issues

If damaged and lost freight is causing problems and you want to reduce your risks in the supply chain, UTS may be able to help. Our full-service approach to transportation management solves enterprise-level problems caused by transportation-related issues so that you can shift your focus back to matters that enforce your bottom line. Request a demo today!

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