LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner attributes the company’s success to a management strategy with the acronym FCS (a.k.a. FOCUS):

F = Fewer things done better
C = Communicate the right information to the right people at the right time
S = Speed and quality of decision making


Fewer Things Done Better

Universal Traffic Service can help your company FOCUS. Take “fewer things done better.” By transferring the time-consuming aspects of transportation management to UTS, you give your team more time and energy for the most important issues.


Communicate the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

The level of communication you receive from UTS is a key differentiator. For instance, we alert you to transit issues up to 24 hours sooner than other providers (if they even alert you at all). We also give you three ways to share the status of a delivery in transit with your customer.


Speed and Quality of Decision Making


UTS makes it easy to get the data for making executive decisions regarding transportation. Our reports cover every aspect of your shipment activity, including key metrics such as cost per pound and cost per mile. Our most popular report is an Excel spreadsheet with 50 columns of information for each shipment.

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