Beat Down Carriers or Lift Them Up?

Our full-service approach doesn’t start and end with the work we do for our clients. It lives in our corporate culture. The people here at UTS look to add value across our professional relationships – with clients, of course, but also with our carrier partners, suppliers, and coworkers.

To some, it seems unnecessary, even inefficient, to provide a high level of service in our relationships with carriers. They would argue that carriers are going to fulfill your shipments regardless of whether you provide any value to them (other than a paid invoice). Our industry has plenty of people who think the right approach is to beat down carriers rather than lift them up.

Beating down carriers is not UTS. It violates our service-minded culture. So we won’t do it, even if our way is less efficient. Even if there is no return benefit to UTS or, more importantly, our clients.

But … we think there are return benefits. We think a carrier that enjoys working with UTS is more willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

The paragraph below was sent to us yesterday, unsolicited, from one of our carriers. Judge for yourself whether our service-minded approach supports our ultimate goal of solving business problems for our clients.

I really wish my other 3PL companies worked like UTS. If I could take a template of everything you guys do and send it our other 3PL’s, our jobs would be much better. I have expressed many times to our pod that I LOVE working UTS files. You guys are so well put together in your request that it makes things simple to understand and the info I need is 97 percent of the time always there. The BOL’s most of the time are so clean and easy. The bid requests are so well put together, I can whip right through them, so in my very honest opinion the question to ask isn’t what UTS isn’t doing that other 3PL companies are, it’s what can the other 3PL companies do to be on the UTS level. Such a pleasure working with your team.

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