UTS Differentiators

Unique services that add value to supply chain management

We do more of things you want from a business partner, including differentiators that add unique value to our partnership.

Best Value Carrier Ranking Methodology

Your supply chain priorities drive the carrier ranking process with our Best Value Carrier Ranking Methodology. This proprietary method has big benefits:

  • It bases every ranking on your preferences regarding cost and service levels.
  • It predicts service reliability for your specific shipment based on actual carrier performance over the last 90 days.
  • Rankings adjust dynamically as individual carrier rates and service levels change over time.
  • It gives us a consistent method for assigning the carrier on an inbound shipment and for recommending a carrier on an outbound shipment.

Infographic: Best Value Carrier Ranking Methodology

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Predictive Analytics

Standard practice is to report missed opportunities after the fact. We’re using predictive analytics to capture opportunities as they occur. For example, when we see a high probability for a volume rate on a standard LTL shipment, we ask you right there, during entry, if you’d like us to try.


Predicting Carrier Reliability on Your Lane

The LTL shipment carrier selection screen shows an OnTime percentage for each carrier. This number reports how consistently the carrier fulfills its published transit time on your shipping lane. OnTime percentage provides a guideline for predicting the reliability of each carrier on a specific shipment. We calculate the OnTime percentage using actual transit times on shipments we’ve managed over the last 90 days. We’ve found that our calculation provides a more accurate and more responsive guideline than the statistics that carriers self-report.


Proactive Shipment Communication

Our operations team proactively traces every managed shipment. It may surprise you to learn that this level of service is rare. Most providers take a passive approach that uses automation to process updates sent by carriers. The system flags problems and forwards them to an operations team for exception management.

Active Shipment Management detects issues sooner. UTS contacts carriers for additional updates when milestones in the transit process do not occur on schedule. Our approach often uncovers pickup and delivery issues sooner so we can proactively notify you and provide options for resolution.


We Verify Every Carrier Charge

We don’t just confirm that every charge is correct.
We also confirm that it is valid.

Most providers only audit for correct freight charges based on class and weight. This methodology omits an important aspect of the auditing responsibility: It does not confirm that the carrier is entitled to payment.

If the carrier did not perform the service, or charges you for a service you did not order or need, you should not pay the charge.


  • If a carrier charges for liftgate service you did not order, and was not needed to pick up or deliver your goods, you should not pay the charge.
  • If a carrier inspects your freight and does not find a discrepancy with the bill of lading, you should not be charged a Weight & Inspection fee.

UTS audit services add more value by confirming both the validity and the accuracy of each charge:

  • We notify you whenever a carrier adjusts your freight charges.
  • We investigate every adjustment.
  • We do the work of reversing invalid charges. For one client, we overturn 90% of the Weight & Inspect fees assessed by their primary carrier.
  • If we see a pattern with an issue such as an incorrect product description, we help you fix it and stop the fee going forward.

We find exceptions in 18% of the shipments we audit. Billing exceptions include wrong tariffs, wrong discounts, weight and inspections, and accessorials added by the carrier.


System Integration

System integration is a strategic opportunity for savings. Your business participates in the real-time flow of transportation data. UTS is on the forefront of integration technology with integration specialists such as project44 using our work in its own product development.