Manage Risks

UTS Helps You Manage Transportation Risks

Universal Traffic Service protects your shipments with rigorous transportation risk management protocols. For starters, we only use carriers with a valid Operating Authority and Safety Rating from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We verify these items on a daily basis. We also require carriers to carry the following insurance:

  • Minimum auto liability coverage of $1 million
  • Minimum general liability coverage of $1 million
  • Minimum cargo insurance coverage of $100,000
  • Workers compensation coverage
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Additional Protection

For additional protection, we maintain a $100,000 surety bond verified by the Transportation Intermediaries Association.

Protect the Full Value of Your Freight

Carriers cap their liability at only a fraction of the value of the goods you ship. We offer options to “cover the gap” between the carrier’s liability limit and the full value of your freight. These options include Excess Value Coverage or Full Value Insurance directly from the carrier as well as policies available through insurers.


Our insurance options include the convenience of buying coverage while entering a shipment. You can get an instant quote for any amount up to the full value of freight. You can buy the coverage on the spot or continue without the additional protection.

See How Reliably Each Carrier Services Your Lane

The LTL shipment carrier selection screen shows you an OnTime percentage for each carrier. This number reports how consistently the carrier hits its published transit time on your shipping lane. An on-time rate of 90%, for example, means that the carrier makes a late pickup or late delivery on your lane around 10% of the time. OnTime percentage provides you with a guideline for determining the reliability of each carrier.

We calculate the on-time percentage using actual transit times on shipments we’ve managed over the last 90 days. We’ve found that this calculation provides a more accurate guideline than the self-reported statistics from carriers because many carriers exclude missed pickups from their calculations.

End-to-End Claims Management

Recover the hours your team currently spends chasing claims. Our specialists will manage each claim on your behalf, ensuring carrier requirements are met and fighting for the best possible disposition. An online claims tool gives you full visibility of the status of your claims.

Risk Management Through Choices

If you rely on a small number of carriers, you put yourself at risk from an event that impairs a carrier’s ability to serve you. UTS negates this risk by giving you access to a large network of carriers covering all modes and urgencies.