Get More Value from Your Logistics Services Partnership

The value of a business partnership boils down to the difference between what you put in and what you get back. The wider the gap, the better. Here at Universal Traffic Service, we make that gap as wide as possible. Nowhere else can you get all of the strategic supply chain management services that we bundle into our solutions. Put simply, we do more of the things you want from a business partner.

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UTS Helps You Manage Costs

Transportation cost control begins with the rates you pay. We offer a free analysis of your supply chain operation that includes a comparison between your current rates and those available from UTS. But lower rates are just the beginning. We also offer a portfolio of strategic services that help you manage costs across your operation.


UTS Helps You Manage Transportation Risks

Universal Traffic Service protects your shipments with rigorous transportation risk management protocols. For starters, we only use carriers with a valid Operating Authority and Safety Rating from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We verify these items on a daily basis. We also require carriers to carry the following insurance:

  • Minimum auto liability coverage of $1 million
  • Minimum general liability coverage of $1 million
  • Minimum cargo insurance coverage of $100,000
  • Workers compensation coverage

For additional protection, we maintain a $100,000 surety bond verified by the Transportation Intermediaries Association.


We Help You Manage Inbound Costs

Companies that think they have inbound management sometimes really have something less. Tools such as routing guides and exception reports are useful, but unless they are part of a holistic approach, they leave value on the table.

Our full-service inbound management puts more value into your pockets in the forms of money, time, and smooth sailing.


Get More Visibility and Control Over Your Supply Chain

When you start a management partnership with UTS, you continue to make the key supply chain decisions. Our role is to support you with expert tools, strategic services, and business intelligence.

Nothing enhances control like transparency. That’s why we give you full visibility of your shipment activity, including differentiators such as Active Shipment Management, which alerts you to transit issues sooner than more common approaches.


We Help Your Corporate Planning

Our online tools help you see, measure, and analyze every aspect of your transportation activity. You have more control over your supply chain and the right business intelligence for both tactical and strategic supply chain decisions.


We Help You Delight Customers

A partnership with Universal Traffic Service can support your sales goals by giving customers a better delivery experience.