UTS Partnership Services for Accounting & Finance

Universal Traffic Service does more of the things you want from a business partner, even in areas beyond shipping and receiving. Let us take away some of your headaches.

A decision to partner with UTS adds accounting and finance services that include:

  • More oversight of your freight charges. UTS notifies you any time a carrier adjusts the freight charge, and why. After delivery, we audit the charges more thoroughly than other providers and do the work of reversing invalid charges. (See below.)
  • One invoice a week for all transportation activity.
  • Invoices come with multiple detail reports, including a spreadsheet with 40 fields of information about each shipment.  You can add custom coding to these reports.
  • You can require PO numbers or other information with every shipment.
  • Detailed reporting on carrier accessorials, including Weight & Inspection penalties.
  • Invoice delivery is fully encrypted.
  • Online access to invoices, shipping documents, records, and reports.
  • Transportation risk management that verifies every carrier used to move your goods has a valid operating authority, safety rating, and insurance coverage.
  • Options for insuring goods at their full value (because carriers limit their liability for lost or damaged freight).
  • Help to fix recurring problems such as Weight & Inspection fees.


We Verify Every Carrier Charge

We don’t just confirm that every charge is correct.
We also confirm that it is valid.

Most auditing services omit an important aspect of the auditing responsibility. They do not confirm that the carrier is entitled to payment. If the carrier did not perform the service, or charges you for a service you did not order or need, you should not pay the charge.


  • If a carrier charges for liftgate service you did not order, and was not needed to pick up or deliver your goods, you should not pay the charge.
  • If a carrier inspects your freight and does not find a discrepancy with the bill of lading, you should not be charged a Weight & Inspection fee.

UTS audit services confirm both the validity and the accuracy of each charge:

  • We notify you whenever a carrier adjusts your freight charges.
  • We investigate every adjustment. This process includes cross-referencing charges against the bill of lading and the original shipment entry. We also dig into product descriptions and connect them back to the NMFC.
  • We do the work of reversing invalid charges. For one client, we overturn 90% of the Weight & Inspect fees assessed by their primary carrier.
  • If we see a pattern with an issue such as an incorrect product description, we help you fix it and stop the fee going forward.

We find exceptions in 18% of the shipments we audit. Billing exceptions include wrong tariffs, wrong discounts, weight & inspections, and added accessorials.