UTS Supply Chain Technology

Online tools your whole company will use.

Online banking gives you a new level of visibility and control over the movement of your money. Our tools do the same thing for your supply chain. People throughout your company can monitor and manage all of your supply chain activity from one website.

Our tools empower your team by providing access to rates, shipment status information, documentation, and data. Everything is kept secure in one easy-to-search location.

With UTS, you and your suppliers get access to a high-end Transportation Management Solution (TMS) that is integrated with premium-level third-party services. Plus your UTS support team provides expert assistance through the full shipment life cycle and excels at TMS “weak spots” like disputing invalid carrier charges and managing freight claims.


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We show you the marketplace for LTL shipments and highlight the ranked carrier. Your sales team can use this information to price quotes and plan fulfillment schedules. Your shipping team gets the information it needs to pick the best carrier and service level for each shipment.

Our proprietary Ontime percentage calculates how often each carrier delivers on time. The calculation reflects the carrier’s actual performance over the last 90 days. This gives you a reliable method for predicting the reliability of each option.


For truckload shipments, we match the load with the best available resource. If the top-ranked carrier is unable to move your shipment, we continue with the next-best option until the shipment is covered. Our platform even incorporates carriers you are using now so you can manage them more efficiently. In the example shown here, the client has its core carriers ranked first by price, followed by UTS carriers ranked by price. The top-ranked carrier rejected the load, so it was offered to and accepted by the second-ranked carrier.

UTS Supply Chain Technology


You can pull supply chain reports online. The Opportunity Analysis Report compares actual carrier choices with other options including the lowest-cost carrier and the carrier with the highest service ranking. Filtering this report for non-dispatched shipments shows you the suppliers that are not following your routing instructions and the impact on your shipping charges.


Dashboards keep your finger on the pulse of your supply chain and can be customized to focus on the indicators you find most important. In addition, 40 reports are available online, including detailed spreadsheets for intensive analysis. Many of these reports can be scheduled for automatic delivery on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.


System integration is a strategic opportunity for savings. Often integration is seen only as a method of automating communication between companies. But with the right partner, it can be so much more, improving profitability and customer service while reducing interruptions.

UTS makes integration work for you. We have a background of successful integration projects. Make us your hub to real-time data from carriers, load-matching services such as DAT, and specialized resources such as SMC³.