Reasons to select UTS as your supply chain management partner

Universal Traffic Service does more of what you want from a business partner. Our strategic services and differentiators deliver the most value to your supply chain operations.

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Better Transportation Management Technology

Online banking gives you a whole new level of visibility and control over the movement of your money. Our online tools do the same thing for your supply chain. People throughout your company can monitor and manage all of your transportation activity using one website. Our tools empower your team by providing access to rates, shipment status information, documentation, and data. Everything is kept secure and searchable in one location.


Services Unique to UTS

Our full-service approach adds value in unique ways. Come see what you’re missing.


Advanced System Integration Capabilities

System integration is a strategic opportunity for savings. Often integration is seen only as a method of automating communication between companies. But with the right partner, it can be so much more, improving profitability and customer service while reducing interruptions.