Visibility & Control

Get more visibility and control of your supply chain

When you start a management partnership with UTS, you continue to make the key supply chain decisions. Our role is to support you with expert tools, strategic services, and business intelligence.

Nothing enhances control like transparency. That’s why we give you full visibility of your shipment activity, including differentiators such as Active Shipment Management, which alerts you to transit issues sooner than any other approach.

Proactive Shipment Communication

Our operations team proactively traces every shipment. It may surprise you to learn this level of service is rare. Most providers rely on updates sent by carriers. This passive approach works fine until there is a transit issue. A shipment gets flagged once the carrier or client reports a problem. But by then, it is usually too late, and the focus becomes damage control.

Active Shipment Management detects issues sooner. In addition to processing updates from carriers, UTS proactively contacts carriers when milestones in the transit process do not occur on schedule. Our approach can uncover pickup and delivery issues as much as 24 hours faster.

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A UTS Partnership Gives You More Control

  • You control the carriers used to move your freight through carrier rankings and our LTL carrier selection interface.
  • We can integrate any special pricing or core carriers you are using today.
  • Exchange supply chain data in whatever format is most useful.
  • We present new opportunities along with a plan for implementation. You decide if and when they get implemented.
  • We scale to maintain a high level of service performance during order spikes, seasonal fluctuations, and the long-term growth of your company.
UTS proactively traces your shipments and updates the status online. You see all of your activity on one screen. Visibility of every shipment eliminates surprises and helps you maximize labor planning. Gone are the days of reacting to unplanned incoming shipments or guessing the location of outbound shipments. UTS visibility keeps you informed, prepared, and operating smoothly.

Streamline the Management of Supply Chain Data

UTS stores your transportation data in one convenient location. This is helpful on the front end of the procurement process by allowing you to compare rates and service levels, and on the back end by providing a single, secure, searchable repository for all of your supply chain activity.

KPIs and reports give you unobstructed visibility of your supply chain activity and useful business intelligence.

Add Financial Controls and Oversight

UTS carrier payment services add controls and oversight to your freight charges along with efficiencies your financial team will love.

  • We find and fix carrier overcharges.
  • We consolidate audited charges onto a weekly invoice.
  • Add custom codes to shipment records and invoices.
  • We provide guidance on dimensional pricing rules.
  • We notify you whenever a carrier adjusts your freight charges and adjudicate any invalid adjustments.
  • We help you eliminate avoidable carrier fees caused by issues such as an incorrect product description.