Manage Inbound

We Help You Manage Inbound Costs

Companies that think they have inbound management sometimes really have something less. Tools such as routing guides and exception reports are useful, but unless they are part of a holistic approach, they leave value on the table.

Our full-service inbound management puts more value into your pockets in the forms of money, time, and smooth sailing.

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UTS Helps You Manage Inbound Costs

  • By tendering inbound shipments to the ranked carrier
  • By following up with non-compliant suppliers
  • By referring unauthorized shipment attempts to you
  • By reporting Weight & Inspect fees to you
  • By implementing strategic opportunities such as consolidations, milk runs, and mode optimization

We Help You Manage Service Performance

  • By applying transportation risk management protocols
  • By giving advance notice of your inbound shipments
  • By actively managing your inbound shipments
  • By adjusting soft carrier rankings based on changing rates and service levels
  • By using appointments to alleviate dock congestion

We Help You Save Time

  • By listing all of your inbound shipments in one place
  • By consolidating your documentation in one place
  • By consolidating your shipment activity data in one place

We Treat Your Suppliers Like Trusted Partners

Every inbound shipment is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with a supplier. UTS helps you work better with suppliers with services that:

  • Make it easier and faster to submit shipments
  • Provide a bill of lading and shipping labels
  • Invite suppliers to notify you when a delivery ships
  • Allow suppliers to monitor their deliveries to you
  • Work with suppliers to answer questions, resolve issues, and offer ideas
  • Give suppliers access to shipping documents and delivery histories
  • Code shipment records with BOL and PO numbers
  • Notify suppliers when they violate your routing instructions and incur an excess charge
  • Integrate with key suppliers

Get the ROI on Switching from Prepaid to Collect

Inbound shipment management begins with taking responsibility for paying your inbound freight charges. Are suppliers currently paying these freight charges? UTS can evaluate the benefits of switching and develop an implementation plan.

UTS Case Study: Inbound cost management savings of 21.4%