Delight Customers


A partnership with Universal Traffic Service can support your sales goals by giving customers a better delivery experience.

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Show Your Customers What's Coming

Delivery visibility gives customers peace of mind and reinforces your reputation for reliability. Your customers can use our online tools to monitor their deliveries.

You also can send shipment status updates directly to customers. Our most popular type of notification is an email message with a summary of the shipment and a link to a status screen that updates in real time from pickup through delivery. Other options sends an email every time the status changes or only when the shipment delivers. All three options are great ways to give customers some extra TLC.

Make Deliveries More Reliable

  • See each LTL carrier’s actual (not self-reported) on-time performance.
  • We offer a range of options for guaranteed delivery.
  • We can customize fulfillment to meet any customer’s delivery requirements.
  • Our transportation risk management can protect high-value freight.
  • UTS active shipment management catches transit issues early, often in time to still hit the original delivery target.

Minimize and Mitigate Freight Claims

The final step in delighting your customers is to make sure your deliveries arrive complete and undamaged. We offer free consulting to help you reduce the incidence of lost or damaged freight. When an issue does arise, we professionally manage the claim to get the best disposition.