Corporate Planning

We Help Your Corporate Planning

Our online tools help you plan, see, and measure every aspect of your transportation activity. You have more control over your supply chain and the right business intelligence to strategically plan your growth and profitability.

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Comprehensive Reports & KPI Dashboards

Customizable reports make it easy to keep a finger on the pulse of your business. The right data fuels decisions that save money and keep customers happy. This business intelligence keeps you ahead of the curve so you can plan proactively instead of reacting to each crisis.

Our Excel reports have 40 fields of data for each shipment. You can filter and sort the results to isolate any aspect of your transportation activity.

Logistics Analysis Capabilities

Shippers often struggle to find, prioritize, and convert supply chain opportunities for improvement.

UTS logistics analysis brings the opportunities to you. We will analyze your transportation activity on an ongoing basis and present our findings along with estimated savings and a roadmap for implementation.

Opportunities include:

  • Consolidation
  • Milk runs
  • Multi-stop truckload shipments
  • Route and full network engineering
  • Mode optimization
  • Reducing use of premium transportation
  • Transit time analysis and optimization
  • Reducing long-haul activity
  • Utilization of pool points / cross-docking
  • Warehouse utilization
  • Increasing load size to achieve lower cost per pound/mile
  • Reducing lane frequencies to achieve lower cost per pound/mile
  • Dimensional weight versus actual weight rates
  • Vendor compliance program
  • Accessorial reductions

See Exactly How Well Your Supply Chain Performs

We meet with you on a regular basis to review your supply chain activity. This gives you high visibility of your activity so you can track actual performance against goals and evaluate opportunities to improve.

Our supply chain performance reviews include:

  • Drilldowns by type, mode and lane.
  • Cost per pound and cost per mile analyses.
  • Fuel cost trends and the impact of fuel surcharges.
  • Visibility of all carrier accessorial fees.
  • Multi-year cost and service comparisons.
  • Reports for monitoring the performance of your suppliers and carriers.
  • Industry news and trends.

Find New Opportunities to Improve Your Supply Chain

A UTS performance review has detailed information about your supply chain activity. We also forecast key industry trends. This information can help with your corporate planning.

But you don’t need to wait for a performance review to see your supply chain activity. We put KPIs and customizable reports online. We’ll also send reports customized to your specifications.

Support Your Diversity and Sustainability Initiatives

We can help you fulfill any diversity goals by assigning a targeted level of shipment activity to minority carriers and reporting that activity to you. Likewise, we can support sustainability initiatives by using carriers in the EPA’s SmartWay program and reporting that usage to you.