Transactional Shipment Management Services

You’ll never ship directly with carriers again once you’ve experienced all of the services we bundle into our transactional solution. We make it easy to compare the top carriers, find the one that offers the best value on your specific lane, and monitor your shipment from pickup through delivery. To that we add transportation risk management services and much more.

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The Right Process Flow

It is easy to make good shipping decisions when you have the right process flow:

1. Compare rates and on-time performance across several carriers.
2. Select the carrier that offers the best value on your specific lane.
3. Work with a partner that provides extra services at no cost.

Our transactional solution bundles this process, giving you more control over your shipping activity while saving time and money. We show you the marketplace so you can shop and compare the top carriers. You can book your shipment right there, through our system, and then use our system to:Print the bill of lading and shipping labels

  • Track your shipment from pickup through delivery
  • Send delivery status updates to your customers
  • Manage shipment documentation
  • See and download reports of your shipment activity

Additional services such as transportation risk management and auditing of your freight charges are included for free.

Benefits Throughout the Shipment Cycle

We differentiate our transactional solution by adding value throughout the entire shipment cycle — before, during, and after the shipment.

Benefits BEFORE You Ship:

  • Rate estimates for any mode
  • Accurate rate estimates for oversize and over-dimensional freight
  • Online Address Book helps you manage and autofill your customers’ contact information
  • Online Product Database where you can load freight descriptions for everything you ship
  • Transportation risk management that includes verification of every carrier’s operating authority, safety rating, and insurance coverage
  • $100,000 surety bond

Benefits DURING Your Shipment:

  • Fast and accurate shipment entry
  • Online tools give you visibility and control of your shipments
  • Consolidated tracing and delivery information for all of your UTS shipments
  • Notification of all service failures
  • Give customers full visibility of your deliveries with notification tools
  • Store your shipping documents in one location
  • Options for guaranteed delivery and additional insurance coverage
  • Situation-specific procurement and fulfillment to meet any special delivery requirements

Benefits AFTER You Ship:

  • Freight bill audit services find and correct carrier overcharges
  • Easy access to your shipping documents
  • Online reports allow you to see, download, and analyze your shipment activity data
  • Claims management is available