Custom Supply Chain Management

Turn to us for exactly what you need to take your current supply chain management process from good to great. This includes our transportation management platform and strategic services.

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Procurement Services

We’ll give you the keys to our transportation management platform. The same system we use to manage supply chain operations for our clients you can use to manage yours. With our system you can recoup time and freight dollars to your operation. Plus you add risk management controls you probably don’t have right now. Here is how it works:

Step 1: You decide what services you want on a fee-per-use basis. These services can include shipment tendering, active shipment tracing, auditing and consolidating charges, paying carriers, managing freight claims, etc.

Step 2: We load your carriers and rates into our system. You’ll continue to use the same carriers you do now, backstopped by our network of resources to use as needed.

Step 3: You manage your supply operation using our platform. It streamlines your process and can be used to automate steps done manually now.

Step 4: We add value with free services that reduce your transportation risks and help you serve your customers better.

Financial Services

The rewards are many when we load your carrier rates into our system, including:

  • It’s easy to compare carrier options and service levels.
  • Anyone in your company can quickly get a rate quote.
  • UTS can audit your freight charges and immediately correct carrier overcharges.
  • UTS can allocate freight charges and apply general ledger codes.
  • UTS can notify you whenever a carrier applies a Weight & Inspection fee or an unexpected accessorial fee.
  • UTS can help you accurately classify your freight and notify you about NMFC changes.

Whether or not we house your carrier rates, we can pay your freight bills and consolidate the charges onto a weekly invoice.

Business Intelligence Services

When you procure transportation services using our platform, we organize and store the shipment documentation online. With our search tools it is easy to find a bill of lading or proof of delivery, even for a shipment that occurred months ago. You can upload additional files to be stored with your shipment records as well.

We bring the same level of usefulness to your supply chain activity data. A customizable KPI dashboard keeps you on top of your supply chain’s performance while powerful reporting tools assist analysis and insight.

We can run custom reports to target any aspect of the activity or performance of your supply chain. Custom reports we currently provide to clients include:

  • Carrier service performance
  • Exceptions and non-conformances
  • Inbound costs broken down by supplier
  • Interplant transfers
  • Detailed activity breakdowns by business unit
  • Monthly and yearly trends in shipment counts, charges, mode usage, and cost per pound

Reasons to Use Our Transportation Management Platform

  • A web-based system that houses your carrier rates and supply chain data.
  • A pricing program where you pay only for the transactional services you use; strategic services like shipment status notifications are included for free.
  • Reduced workload by streamlining your tender process; the option of automating tender to the ranked carrier to prevent deviations.
  • Ability to compare carrier rates online in one centralized location.
  • Backstop your carrier base with access to our resources as needed.
  • RFQs upon request to help you expand your network of contracted carriers.
  • Shipment status updates from pickup to delivery.
  • Audit service finds and adjusts carrier overcharges.
  • Perks for your carriers including easy invoicing and fast payment options.
  • Transportation risk management protocols including daily verification of operating authority and safety rating of your carriers.
  • Options to insure the full value of your freight.
  • $100,000 surety bond for additional protection.
  • Online activity and carrier performance reports; custom reports available.
  • Centralized access to shipment documentation.
  • Allocation of charges when carriers group multiple shipments on one invoice.
  • Empower coworkers by giving them access to rates, supply chain data, and tools that help them work more efficiently.
  • We meet with you on a regular basis to review your partnership with UTS.