Carrier Payment & Data Management

Turn your current transportation procurement process into a complete solution with financial controls and accurate, accessible data.

VERIFY the accuracy and validity of every carrier charge.

REVERSE invalid carrier charges.

CONSOLIDATE your carrier charges onto one weekly invoice.

MANAGE your shipping documents (bills of lading, proofs of delivery, etc.).

ANALYZE accurate and detailed shipment activity data.

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We Verify Every Carrier Charge

Most providers machine-audit freight charges. In essence, they merely check that each charge is the correct amount based on your tariffs.

This methodology omits an important aspect of the auditing responsibility. It does not confirm that the carrier is entitled to payment. If the carrier did not perform the service, you should not pay the charge. For instance, if a carrier inspects your freight and does not find a discrepancy with the bill of lading, you should not be charged a Weight & Inspection fee.

UTS adds more value by confirming both the validity and accuracy of each charge:

  • We notify you whenever a carrier adjusts your freight charges.
  • We investigate every adjustment and reverse invalid charges.
  • We help fix recurring issues such as an incorrect product description and stop the fee going forward.

We find exceptions in 18% of the shipments we audit. Billing exceptions include wrong tariffs, wrong discounts, weight & inspections, and added accessorials.

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You Keep Control
You continue to negotiate with carriers. We hold them accountable to the rates you negotiated and reverse invalid charges.

One Weekly Invoice
We consolidate your audited charges onto one weekly invoice.

Allocate Carrier Charges
We can allocate freight charges and apply general ledger codes.

Document Management
We give you easy online access to the documentation for each shipment (bill of lading, proof of delivery, etc.).

Carrier Payment Enhancements
UTS goes the extra mile for carriers so that we and our clients receive the best service they have to offer. Our carrier payment enhancements include:

  • Electronic invoicing options.
  • Quick payment program.
  • Carriers can view payment status online.
  • Carriers can view remittance history and documentation online.
  • API exchanges for rates, tenders, status updates, invoicing, and documentation
  • Integration options for more efficiencies.

Reliable, Detailed Shipment Activity Data

We make your transportation activity data available online. We provide:

  • Invoices
  • Dashboards
  • Shipment activity (including breakdowns by mode, type, and time period)
  • Cost detail down to the accessorial level
  • Cost allocation detail for each shipment
  • Document images
  • Opportunities to optimize carrier usage
  • Trends in shipment patterns, charges, mode usage, and cost per pound

Our most popular reports are Excel files with 40 columns of data. We put every detail of your shipment activity at your fingertips.

We Help You Manage Transportation Costs

Access to reliable data plays a critical role in managing your transportation costs. Use our data to:

  • Analyze and understand each component of your transportation spend
  • Support contract negotiations
  • Reduce accessorial expenses
  • Reduce or eliminate rogue spending
  • Determine landed costs
  • See trends in cost per pound and cost per mile
  • Improve control over inbound costs
  • Aid in location analysis
  • Improve capacity planning

Test the Marketplace with a Transportation Services RFQ

After 90 days, we will have enough data about your supply chain activity to develop a comprehensive RFQ for transportation services. If you wish to evaluate the transportation services marketplace or expand your carrier base, we can provide you with an RFQ ready to go and even manage the RFQ process on your behalf.

Use a Data-Driven Approach to Negotiate Better Rates

Today you need detailed shipment data to get the best rates from carriers.

We arm you with this information. Our data helps you understand each component of your transportation spend, prepare for contract negotiations, and target the concessions that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.