Service Levels


Universal Traffic Service provides strategic services that help you work more efficiently, satisfy customers, and grow profits. Understanding that these services deliver the most value when they are customized to your operations, we offer four solutions with many configuration possibilities. Which solution fits you best?

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Full-Service Transportation Management

Full-service transportation management bundles our strategic services into one comprehensive program. You’ll generate a tailwind of improvements throughout your company leading to better outcomes not only in your shipment activity, but also in areas such as sales and customer service.


Carrier Payment & Data Management

Complement your current procurement process with comprehensive back-office services that manage transportation costs and business intelligence. UTS carrier payment services add controls and oversight to your freight charges along with efficiencies that your financial team will love. In addition, by consolidating payment through UTS, we give you a single point of access to all of your supply chain data. This is helpful on the front end of the procurement process by allowing you to compare rates and service levels across your entire carrier base, and on the back end by providing a single, secure, searchable repository for all of your supply chain activity.


Select Your Strategic Services

Improve your current supply chain management process by filling in the gaps with exactly the services you need. Happy with your core carriers? Streamline your procurement process using our transportation management platform, cost and risk controls, notification tools, tracking capabilities, audit protocols, and more. These services are available on an individual basis.


Transactional Shipment Management

Enjoy the luxury of full-service transportation management with the simplicity of a transactional solution. While other providers disappear once you’ve submitted a shipment, UTS continues to add value with services such as predictive carrier performance data, proactive shipment management, 24/7 phone support, and online data management.